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The Baoase Foundation

Baoase Luxury Resort was founded in 2005, built up from a neglected piece of beach on the Caribbean coast of Curaçao and grown into a 5 star luxury resort with 23 rooms and suites and over 200 (mostly local) staff members. As Baoase Family we are proud of this

achievement and grateful to be able to realize it.

As an impactful company, we are aware of the social responsibility this entails within the small community on the island of Curaçao. Therefore, for several years now, we have supported several initiatives by, among other things, sponsoring the Daily Meal program

and the Coral Nursery project, organizing volunteer activities and paid volunteer days for our teams, advocacy, and educational initiatives.


The Baoase Foundation

This year, we are launching The Baoase Foundation, a charity with the aim of strengthening social involvement and giving back to nature, local people and especially the children of Curaçao. Baoase Luxury Resort has pledged to make an annual donation, by hosting an

annual dinner with auction so that our guests around the world can help with supporting the community.


The board of trustees for the Foundation includes Niels van der Valk, Director of Developments of Baoase Luxury Resort & Thijs van der Valk, General Manager of Baoase Luxury Resort, both son of founder Ad van der Valk; Freddy Curiel, director Vidanova Real

Estate Development; Erick Oleana, Presdident SUBT; and Maria Liza Zunder – Curiel, Senior Investment Officer Vidanova Bank, Paula Janssen 

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