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What we do




The Baoase Foundation Sustainability Keystones



The foundation on which we base all our design, construction and operational decisions.




Protect and maintain on land and underwater  ecosystem-landscapes within the Baoase project. From planting and a  self-growing greenery to  an already established coral nursery for growing coral and re-plantingit to regenerate damaged high-value coral reefs 

Environmental Impact

Energy binds everything and everyone, but we also need it to keep the lights on. We have implemented a wide range of energy, water, and environmental design strategies to keep our footprint small.


Advocacy, Education & Social Engagement

We look to spark conversations about the environment and our role in protecting it. We will do this through organized volunteer activities and paid volunteer days for our teams, advocacy and educational initiatives.


Human Health & Wellbeing

From air and water filtration systems to biophilic design principles and the use of natural materials throughout our spaces, we place health and wellness at the centre of design, construction, facilities and operational decisions.


Food & Beverage Responsibility

We believe that all food should be good, clean and fair; delicious and nutritious food is a right; natural resources should be protected for future generations; people and the environment depend on one another, and the dignity of labour from field to fork should be fought for.

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